Welcome to the Dayton Playground

This QR Landing page will help guide the user with Augmentative Alternative Communication for the playgrounds different activities. This is the playgrounds main communication home page.

Scan QR

1. Scan

Scan each QR located around the activity.


2. Communicate

Communicate with the picture symbols provided.


3. Play

Watch the excitement light up!

Many different styles of slides around our playground, each unique. 

You cant get more traditional than swings, everyone loves the swings. 

One of the favorites here at the Playground, the beloved rock wall. 

A new style of an old favorite, give these wacky bars a try. 

Join us in our journey to bring communication everywhere!

We hope to bring our technology to an area near you, if you would like to see our services at a business or playground please contact us today and well see if we cant make it happen!

Playground Communication Board

Here you can find a digital version of our playground communication board. You can reference it here at anytime to help communicate. 

Thanks for Visiting

We hope you find the QR Communication tools useful. Please contact us if you have any questions.

This is the QR landing page at the Dayton Playground. This page also has other functions, you can report a safety concern with the playground equipment or park facility. If there is an emergency please call 911. 

Park Contact (Ref: Dayton Trail Playground)
Phone: 937-123-4567
email: contact@daytonparks.com